The Scientific Council:
  • Sets the Institute's research policy, taking into account the general guidelines of the University and the Council of the Institute; 
  • Approves the annual action plans and reports of departments and research centres; 
  • Approves the proposals for admission and renewal of the teaching and research staff; 
  • Advises on the transfer of teachers; 
  • Proposes the opening of teacher competitions and the constitution of the jury, after consulting the respective departments; 
  • Proposes the awarding of the doctoral degree of Honoris Causa and other titles or honours, through the positive vote of two thirds of its members; 
  • Recognises degrees and academic qualifications within the first cycle obtained in other foreign higher education institutions, in accordance with current law; 
  • Decides on the proposals for the constitution of the jury for the master's thesis defences; 
  • Proposes the constitution of the jury of other academic thesis defences; 
  • Issues an opinion on requests for doctoral or master equivalence and proposes the appointment of doctoral juries; 
  • Proposes the creation of new degree cycles and approves the study plans regarding the creation or restructuring of degree cycles in which the Institute is an intervening party; 
  • Decides or advises on other matters prescribed by law and by the University's internal regulations; 
  • Performs other duties established by law and in the Institute's Statutes.
The Scientific Council may delegate to the President the powers it may deem appropriate to its smooth operation.
Members of the Scientific Council

Representatives of the Senior Research and Teaching Staff 

Research Centre Representatives