The President:

  • Represents the Institute before other governing bodies of the University and before the outside world;
  • Ensures the smooth operation of the Institute in all its teaching, research and interaction with society activities;
  • Ensures compliance with the resolutions taken by the collegiate bodies of the Institute, when binding;
  • Manages the services of the Institute and approves the necessary regulations;
  • Exercises the disciplinary authority established by the Statutes or delegated by the Rector;
  • Prepares the budget and action plan, as well as the activity report and accounts;
  • Performs the functions delegated by the Rector;
  • Performs other duties established by law and in the Statutes of the University and of the Institute.

The President may delegate part of its powers to the Vice-Presidents.


Isabel Cristina Costa Alves Ermida 



Carlos Pazos ​​
Ângelo  Martingo
​Jaime  Costa