The Council of the Institute:
  • Defines the guidelines of the Institute regarding the development of scientific research, education planning and service provision; 
  • Elects the President, in accordance with the respective regulations; 
  • Approves the regulations of the subunits and interaction with society projects; 
  • ​Approves the annual action plan, budget and activity report; 
  • Advises on the creation, modification or elimination of Departments, Research Centres and interaction with society projects; 
  • Establishes the principles regarding the allocation of the Institute's resources; ​
  • Approves the modifications or review of the Statutes of the Institute; 
  • Advises on the action to be taken in the event of the office of President falling vacant due to resignation or inability to act; 
  • Performs other powers that may be established by the governing bodies of the University.
Members of the Council of the Institute

Representatives of the Teaching and Research Staff

Representatives of the Student Body

Representatives of the Non-academic Staff