The Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho (CEHUM) was founded in 1994, following the previous Center for Portuguese Studies (Centro de Estudos Portugueses -CEP), created in the 80s and later adapted to a new context. The CEHUM, whose scope is primarily interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, integrates the research carried out in the Institute of Arts and Humanities in the fields of Literature, Sciences of Language, Philosophy and Culture and is now one of the largest Centers of the University of Minho, with more than a hundred  researchers belonging to very diversified scientific domains, from literary theory and comparative studies, to literary and linguistic studies, philosophy and cultural and artistic studies. Focused on the development and dissemination of the research, the Center has been implementing new projects and international networks and has been creating new research groups, including young researchers and post-doctorate researchers among its members.

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