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 Erasmus Mobility

The Institute of Arts and Humanities can rely on a wide network of Erasmus protocols with European universities, which enables an important annual mobility of teachers and students, as well as the achievement of academic projects. 

The international mobility is achieved through the Service of International Relations of the University of Minho ( SRI​ ) and through different pedagogical and departmental units in the ILCH.

For more information about Erasmus mobility:​​

Contact: or one of the following department Erasmus coordinators   

Coordinators Erasmus:​​
Name Department/Field Email
Sun Lam Department of Asian Studies
Mário Manuel Lima Matos Department of German and Slavic Studies
Paula Alexandra Varanda Ribeiro Guimarães Department of English and North-American Studies
Maria Micaela Ramon Moreira Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies
Carlos Pazos Justo Department of Romance Studies  (Spanish and Latin-American Studies)
Maria Conceição Teixeira Varela Department of Romance Studies (French and Italian Studies)
João Carlos Ribeiro Cardoso Mendes Department of Philosophy
Ângelo Miguel Quaresma Gomes Martingo Department of Music
Maria Filomena Pereira Rodrigues Louro
Maria Conceição Teixeira Varela
Bachelor's Degree in Applied Languages
Jaime José Becerra Costa Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies jaco​
Vítor Manuel Ferreira Ribeiro Moura​ Bachelor's Degree in Theatre
Álvaro Iriarte Sanromán
European Master in Lexicography
Idalete Dias​
Master in Digital Humanities