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Doctorate’s degree in Cultural Sciences

Course without taught component, integrating the following specialties: Portuguese Culture, Francophone Cultures, English Culture, North American Culture, Spanish Culture, German Culture, Classical Culture, History of Occident Ideas, Hispano-American Cultures, Irish Culture and Far East Cultures.

Doctorate’s degree in Sciences of Language

Course without taught component, integrating the following specialties: Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Romanesque Linguistics, Portuguese Linguistics, Latin Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, English Linguistics, Greek Linguistics, General Linguistics, French Linguistics, Spanish Linguistics, Slavic Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, German Linguistics, Language and Cognition and Analysis of the Speech.

Doctorate’s degree in Sciences of Literature

Course without taught component, integrating the following specialties: German Literature, Brazilian Literature, Comparative Literature, Spanish Literature, Greek Literature, English Literature, Irish Literature, Italian Literature, Latin Literature, North-American Literature, Portuguese Literature, African Literatures of Portuguese Expression, Hispano-American Literatures, Literatures of French Expression, Far East Literatures and Theory of Literature.

Doctorate’s Degree in Philosophy

Course without taught component, integrating the following specialties: Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy and Portuguese Culture, Epistemology, Philosophical Anthropology, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Aesthetics, Religion Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy and Eastern Religions, Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Mind.

Doctoral program in Comparative Modernities

Course with a curricular component, whose aims are to conduct research works, under supervision, in the scientific fields of Comparative Literature, Cultural Sciences, Interarts and Theory of Literature with an innovative and original contribution for the advances in knowledge, through the development of a research project and the achievement and public discussion of a thesis.

Other information

Questions about the application process? Enter our application section. For questions about Doctorate’s degrees, please contact the courses coordinators and for administrative matters, contact our Pedagogical Council. All the email addresses are indicated in our section Contacts in the menu Institute.