The Russian World Foundation Office offers:
  • ​Audio and video material;
  • ​A library at the disposal of users;
  • Information and tools; 
  • Narration and pedagogy;
  • Education and fraternity;
  • A journey through modern Russia;
  • Enthusiasm for conversations in Russian.

The main goals of the Russian World program are:
  • To promote Russian culture and language worldwide;
  • To provide support and additional information to Russian citizens living abroad, as well as to foreign citizens interested in Russia .
​The Office is not necessarily a "private compartment", as a classroom or an auditorium. “The Office” is an abbreviation that designates the program for the creation and reinforcement of communication platforms for foreigners that speak or learn Russian, in any country of the world.

The Russian World Office contains a variety of didactic and audiovisual material in Russian; reference material, reading and fiction material, and material concerning modern Russia, its culture and history.

The Russian World Office promotes events related to the dissemination of Russian language and culture providing a creative dynamics not only in the university but also in Braga cultural life. Photographic and painting exhibitions, concerts of chamber music and other cultural activities which involve the Slavic community living in the North of the country, as well as theme parties or theatrical performances in Russian carried out by the students of UMinho represent an important link in the cultural approach between Portuguese and Slavic people.​